Thanks for downloading the GautitClearCache plugin for Mautic.  (pardon our dust as we rebrand, you may see references to AutoMauticly, these should be replaced with Gautit)


Like any Mautic plugin you will unzip the plugin.

Copy the GautitClearCacheBundle folder to the folder plugins, in the Mautic installation.  It will be in the root or first level of the installation.

Clear the cache folder from Mautic using the standard procedure (for the last time!):

The easiest is to go to the /app/cache folder and delete the /prod/ folder. If you want to do it via CLI command, navigate to the Mautic root folder and run rm -rf app/cache/prod . The new cache files will generate itself after the next Mautic refresh in the browser. or use the Mautic command line from the root directory of your Mautic installation:  app/console cache:clear

Now open Mautic and login.

On the dashboard click the gear icon in the top right.   This opens the configuration menu, click plugins.

Click the install/upgrade button on the plugins page.



Select the GautitClearCache plugin by clicking on it.

Publish the plugin and you are all set to go.

Installation is now complete.

Using the plugin:

Now a new menu item is on the settings menu (the little gear icon in the top right)

Any time you need to clear the cache to install plugins or just because Mautic is acting up, go to the menu and click.

After a couple of moments you will see this:



That’s it!  Thanks again for using our plugin.   Let us know what other plugins you would like to see.