You already know the Mautic Platform is a great open source marketing automation platform.


Are you getting the most out of it?


Do you have a tool that you wish Mautic connected to?


Having trouble getting plugins, email or SMS platforms to play nicely with your Mautic installation?


Are bounces and bad addresses hurting your email deliverability?


The AutoMauticly Team will fix these issues for you!

As a marketer, you have enough to do managing your traffic and funnels.  The last thing you want to mess with is technical problems, upgrades, server security.  That is where we come in for you.  Using AutoMauticly as your technical arm, you can do what you do best, marketing!

Let us connect the plumbing for you with, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Zapier account connections. We can also integrate your Mautic instance with your Amazon Web Services SES account for sending out your emails. Use our premium plugins to connect to additional services.

Need a custom plugin to perform a task or connect with another marketing service? Our experienced Mautic programming team will write custom plugins.

Our team has used Mautic for over 4 years now.  Mautic is open source, where the community can make contributions to the code.  Our code supporting additional IP database lookups has been a part of Mautic for a couple of years now, and we continue to offer free and premium plugins to the Mautic users all over the world.


In short, we know what we are doing!

When you need help with your marketing automation, know that your friends at AutoMauticly are ready to help.