The GautIt Effortless Marketing system will get prequalified, targeted traffic to your website, we manage, we post and you get more leads.  Our monthly service has already helped many sites grow their audience.


Campaign Management

Use emails, texts, social media and your website to track your contacts throughout the process.  Then engage them to utilize your product and services.



Quickly segment your users based on clicks, opens, pages viewed, downloads, purchases, sources.  Track contacts before you know who they are.

Server Security

We take care of the behind the scenes stuff to make your contacts and campaigns secure

Some of Our Clients that Gaut It!

Get to know our services

Are you an Internet marketer with a few hundred to several thousand contacts.  An understanding of funnels, probably doing some Facebook advertising and possibly some content marketing?


Our content marketing service will grow your audience quickly with as little as a $10/day ad spend.  Get qualified, interested leads to raise their hand about your products and services.


This marketing automation platform will help you connect, qualify, nurture and fully develop the relationship with your leads.  Use the information you gather to customize the experience to turn your prospects into paying customers faster.


Score and segment your leads to send the right messaging as you lead them through the states of awareness with your product or service.


Whether you are selling a product or a service the marketing automation that you can build using the Mautic software with the help of the AutoMauticly team will improve your conversions and generate more revenue.

Why You Need Us?

Mautic is awesome!  But it isn’t as mature as WordPress.  It is quickly evolving with new features, plugins, and best practices.  So having someone that knows the ins and outs of the system and can keep your campaigns running is invaluable.

Not only has our team been using Mautic for a number of years, we have contributed to the code base, and have written plugins to enhance the capabilities even more.

Plugin Information

You Gautit?  We Gautit!!

Your not big (yet), you don’t have lots of extra resources.  So don’t spend your time responding, replying, and kicking off campaigns.


Start simple, then expand.  Use our platform to build bricks on bricks in your marketing plan.


If you don’t track it, you can’t measure it, if you don’t measure it, how do you know what is working or what is holding you back?


Drag and drop campaign setup could not be easier and our team will do all the back-end plumbing that needs to be setup to make your system perform.

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