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New A.I.-based technology totally transforms the way companies will market online. The fast-movers that adopt this 100% done-for-you system now will gain a lasting edge over everyone else for years to come.


  • Imagine the rush of seeing a constant flood of your perfect prospects hitting your site every day from social and search
  • Imagine the renewed pride you’ll have in yourself and your business, and the change in how your spouse, your friends, and even strangers, will treat you as an online business owner
  • And imagine all of it totally done for you and starting in as little as 2 weeks, all because you understood something many others saw, but didn’t act on

What’s the secret? Artificial Intelligence.

Yeah, I know, A.I. is all the rage right now, and the technology is moving so fast, and it’s so hard to sort real results from total crap, if you feel a bit lost by it all, it’s not your fault! The “learning curve” on this stuff is like hitting a brick wall, and who has the time to get an advanced degree in computer science while growing an online business?

To tell you the truth, I sometimes think the uber-geeks that build this shit might must want to keep everyone in the dark

And that’s a damn shame because the longer you’re shutout, the more opportunities you’ll miss; the less money you’ll make; and the further behind you’ll be compared to the few lucky souls that manage to get in now. Seriously, this really is “the ground floor” and the upside from here is simply massive.

But here’s a bit of good news – I’ve got my own gang of uber-geeks! And we’ve constructed a leading edge system using the very best components that is specifically made to exponentially power-up small business marketing.  Just finish reading this short letter all the way to the end and I’ll show you how you too can get access to this system and transform your online marketing for the next 10+ years.  Deal?

Great! But to really understand the problem…


Let’s Remember How We Got Here

20+ years ago, getting traffic to a website was easy! Google would index and rank anything. But even then I saw trouble brewing. It really got serious starting in 2011 with the first of dozens of “spam filters” and traffic from google has been getting harder and harder every year since. But hey, Facebook took off and some of us early adopters were just killing it. A few of us still are, but here we go again… it gets harder and harder every year

I know you’ve seen it, just like I have, and it’s easy to blame the new spam filters, tighter advertising restrictions, and the rise big brands.  I agree.  That’s all true, but that’s not our biggest problem.

What is?

It’s everyone around you! In the past 10 years, the number of businesses in the U.S. increased by a staggering 78.9%.

Does that math make your head hurt? Yeah, me too. In plain terms it means this: of the 32 million businesses today, 14 million of them are new since 2012. Good grief! No wonder it’s harder now to get traffic. Rounding off just a little bit, there are now twice as many people competing against you.

Plus, there’s more than 4 times as much money to be made, so has way more to gain, can afford to be better equipped, and is motivated to be even more cut-throat to get a piece of the pie.  Being an online marketer today is like being in the Matrix where anyone you pass on the street could instantly turn into an agent and try to kill you.

This is a classic “arms race” and the competitors with the best and most powerful weapons will win and it’s been like this and getting worse for more than 20 years.  It’s time to rearm!


New Technology Finally Solves
This Ongoing Marketing Nightmare

Let me tell you about Gautit Effortless Marketing™ (GEM)

The new marketing system is the culmination of a million dollars in development and several of real-world use by a select group of early adopters.

The result is an integrated effortless marketing system that drives traffic from both search and social using A.I. technology to adjust to audience and market forces, creating a sustainable competitive edge.


The 3 Pillars That Power GEM

Be the Audience
All marketing starts with the market you serve. Today, that means finding where your best audience(s) congregate and what topics and kinds of content they respond to. Historically, this involved a lot of guessing, with the better marketers being the ones better at guessing, but A.I. and deep analytics levels the playing field. You do still have to start with a guess, but with new technology, even the worst guesses will converge to a market match.

What has not changed is your goal as a marketer: get your prospects to view you as their “brother/sister from another mother”. Be like them and they will like you, trust you, and buy from you.

How is this accomplished? By posting the right content in the right places

Content is Currency
Content is what powers all online marketing. The more of it you have, the more of your market you can reach and the more prospects you can engage and convert. But the content must be unique, be designed to cover the early stages of the buyer’s journey, and be attractive and engaging to your market. Creating this kind of content has been time consuming and expensive, but with the right combination of A.I. tools and human guidance, this can now be done in large quantity at a break-through price that is affordable for even the smallest online business

Feed the Algorithms
Ninety percent of your traffic will come from the big search and social websites, especially Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so the only marketing method that stands a chance of working is one that integrates with their algorithms and business practices.

Of course, we can’t know all the details of how those platforms work internally, but we know enough to build processes and templates that work with their algorithms instead of again them.
By playing their game the right way, they get what they need and as a result give you more exposure and more traffic than your competition.

Now, if all that sounds like it might be time consuming and technical, you’re right, it totally is. Who knows, maybe someday it’ll all be an Alexa command: “Alexa, market my business”. LOL

That’s not today, but we do have an effective marketing system that’s proven for dozens of clients over several years of real-world use.

And we really don’t want to screw up our unbroken winning record, which is why we’ve created a 100% done for you service. For you, this technology is totally hands free. For us, we handle all the maintenance, updates, and rapid advances as new A.I. systems and algorithms replace older ones.


Meet a Few GEM Early Adopters

Dan sells high-end manufacturing equipment priced from $5,000 to more $30,000 each.  Yes, you really can market that on Facebook!  His search and social traffic grew by more than 150% in less than 3 years.

At the other end of the spectrum is Ed who sells home water filters and replacement cartridges, an already successful business that he doubled in just over a year using an early version of our system.

In between those extremes…

  • Alan sells massage chairs via online and retail, and launched additional retail locations powered by GEM traffic
  • Michael fills very high-end ($30k+) African nature safaris
  • Jim sells high-end vintage bath tubs and related bathroom fixtures and
  • Rick sells vacation travel packages, both before and during lockdowns!

That’s to name just a few.

So about now, you’re wondering… “What can I expect if I use GEM in my own business?”  Every business is different, and there are some industries we can’t help, but…


If Your Business Qualifies…

Our setup process takes about a week and you’ll start seeing results from social media in your very the first month.  Meaningful increases in organic search will take 90 days or more depending on your market, but by then your social traffic will be delivering substantial returns.

To find out if we’re a good fit for one another, reserve your free call using the form below.. During this free call you’ll find out if we can help, what you can expect to from our help, and how to decide if it makes sense to get started.  The call is 100% free so the worst that happens is you get an outside view of your marketing to apply back into your business.

You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of greater profits to gain.