Thanks for purchasing the Gautit NameAPI plugin for Mautic.




Like any Mautic plugin you will unzip the plugin.


Copy the GautitNameAPIBundle plugin folder to the folder plugins, in the Mautic installation.  It will be in the root or first level of the installation.


Clear the cache folder from Mautic using the standard procedure:


The easiest is to go to the /app/cache folder and delete its content. If you want to do it via CLI command, navigate to the Mautic root folder and run rm -rf app/cache/* . The new cache files will generate itself after the next Mautic refresh in the browser.


Now open Mautic and login.


On the dashboard click the gear icon in the top right.   This opens the configuration menu, click plugins.

Select the ClearOut plugin by clicking on it.


You will now have a box with two entries that you must make.


First is the NameAPI token.

Login to your account.

Go to your account page and copy the API-Key Prefix field.



Copy this API Token to the Token field on the Mautic Plugin Configuration.


Next enter your Gautit License into the License Key.


Click Apply.


Click the Features tab to get to this screen.


If you would like the plugin to process all existing names in the contact list, check the top box.  If you only want to process new names, make sure the box is unchecked.


Name Genderization will determine whether the name is male or female, in certain markets like weightloss you can combine this with dynamic content features or segmentation to provide offers tailored to a specific gender.


You may also select on whether to replace the entered name with a formatted name with proper upper and lower case characters.


Each box you check will require more credits from your NameAPI account.


Installation is now complete.


Using the plugin:

New contacts and imported contacts will be processed through NameAPI.


Add a new contact into Mautic.


Then open the contact from the contacts menu in Mautic, you will see a couple of tags added to the contact.


Existing tags will not be modified.


Tags that can be added:

  • nameapiComplete – The plugin called NameAPI and received a result.
  • nameapiPending – The plugin called NameAPI and did not receive a result, this tag will be used by the cron job to resubmit.

If the nameapiComplete  tag is in place, then you will also have one of these additional tags.

  • nameapiInvalid
  • nameapiQuestionable
  • nameapiValid

These tags are based on the validity score that NameAPI returns.  A valid name you can be certain is probably a real name, questionable is just that, questionable, and invalid is probably made up or just some keyboard soup.   Use this to segment your names for either high personalization, if you know their name is valid, to generic campaigns.


If an error is returned, or you have run out of daily credits or similar error, the entry will be tagged with nameapiPending.


The plugin utilizes a cron job to resubmit the contacts until they are validated.


php path/to/mautic/bin/console gautit:validate:name


Set it to run once a day at a minimum, that will give NameAPI a chance to reset its daily count if you are on a plan that has daily restrictions.   We set most of our clients to run every hour, remember this is just for contacts that did not process when they were entered.


That’s it!  Thanks again for using our plugin.   Let us know what other plugins you would like to see.