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Don’t let the honeypots, hard bounces and non-valid emails mess with your email deliverability. Validate, verify & clean your email list in real-time.


Validate email entries to your Mautic platform as they are entered.  Use your credits from the major email checking services to score each email address.

Services supported:

  • ClearOut
  • TheChecker
  • Melissa
  • TrueMail
  • Impression Wise


Note: the plugin does note come with credits, you must buy those separately.


Entries are tagged with the plugin with one of four tags as returned by ClearOut:

  • g_emailInvalid
  • g_emailValid
  • g_emailCatch_all
  • g_emailUnknown

You can use these tags to segment your contacts.


Should you run out of daily credits with your service, the plugin utilizes a cron job to resubmit the emails until they are validated.


Supports entries from forms, dashboard, and CSV imports.  Install the plugin and use Mautic like you normally do and all new entries will be submitted and tagged.


Configuration option to run all your existing contacts through the checking services.

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Email deliverability is a major issue in the Internet marketing industry.  It isn’t enough to collect email addresses any more, you have to scrub them to avoid bounces and other flags that the major email services watch for when deciding on whether to deliver your email and to where.


ClearOut is an excellent service that claims a 98% accuracy rate in determining whether an email is valid, invalid, or catch-all address.  But using their service manually is not ideal for marketing automation platforms.  You have to export, then upload your list, get it scored, then do some sort of merge/purge process back into your system.


Our plugin verifies an email in realtime and adds a Mautic tag to allow you to easily segment based on the tag.


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