9 Mautic Advantages Hubspot won’t provide you with

When you choose a SaaS product like Hubspot, you get a one-size fits all solution. For a custom fit, the open source software Mautic is an excellent solution. There are practical advantages to using Mautic as a solution. You can use your own technical team to create plugins, extensions and themes. Or connect with experienced Mautic providers and expand more rapidly and effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1With SaaS adoption we’re losing the ability to do some things that were pretty standard before the rise of SaaS, here are 9 advantages inherent to owning your software instead of leasing it for a mont
  • 2Your company might be one of the special outliers that don’t perfectly fit in the SaaS model. The good news is, most probably, Mautic will cover all of your needs.
  • 3Mautic offers you true freedom of choice to use, stop using or swap your providers at will.

You can source all the required resources either internally or externally and get the benefits of a fully featured marketing automation program for your company and still pay a lot less than you would with Hubspot, Pardot, etc… without neglecting a proper adoption plan.

Read more: https://mauteam.org/mautic/mautic-for-the-c-suite/9-mautic-advantages-hubspot-wont-provide-you-with/

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