By focusing your market strategy on customer segmentation your business should improve in several ways. First, by personalizing your strategy your customer retention will improve. Customers will typically feel comfortable with someone they feel cares about them and there needs and thereby should retain your services. This in turn will enhance your competitiveness throughout the market by providing work that will give them the expected result. Additionally, perpetuation from one customer to others looking for a business to support their needs should bring more customers to your door. It will establish brand identity since your customers understand exactly how you provide your service. The rapport built based on segmentation will build a solid customer relationship. throughout this process of your customer understanding you, you will in turn get to understand them better as well. This will allow you to focus on their financial and social status which will allow you to pace up with the price optimization accordingly. The allocation of resources will be streamlined through segmentation which means you will achieve your desired goals at the most efficient cost. Finally, you will be able to choose a precise channel of distribution which will occur at minimal cost. This eventually serves the best needs of your customers.