Small Business SEO: Ranking Your Business On Top Of Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for business owners as a way to rise up Google’s search rankings. SEO isn’t just about Google. Amazon, Reddit, Yahoo, YouTube and others matter as well. Still, Google is highly important, and they reward sites with good backlinks, content, and core web vitals (e.g., fast load times). Google has improved at judging a searcher’s intent and at localizing its results. SEO strategies are different for online and offline businesses. For online businesses, competitor research and SEO audits are useful. For offline companies, Google My Business is essential. Some tools that can help with SEO efforts include Ahrefs, Surfer and SEM Rush.

Key Takeaways:

  • Search engine optimization isn’t just for Google as there are factors on other websites such as Reddit and Amazon.
  • SEO is always changing and evolving so the things you implement today may need to change in the future.
  • You might need to optimize your business on multiple platforms in order to stay ahead of your competition.

“Have you ever been frustrated with your competitors showing up higher on search?”

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