Mautic Cron Jobs – The Full Guide for 2020

Mautic crons robotize a few redundant errands that Mautic needs to run appropriately. Mautic crons additionally permit you to control timings on every one those procedures.

The guys over at MauTeam, have put together a great guide for determining which crons you need, why you need them, and how to best space them apart.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1Mautic cron jobs automate several repetitive tasks that Mautic needs to perform in order to run properly. Mautic cron jobs also allow you to control the timings on each of those processes
  • 2This is the complete and most updated guide on Mautic cron jobs, now revisited in 2020 so you can take Mautic cron Jobs to the top-level and automate Mautic tasks with Crontab.
  • 3This is a 3-level series about Mautic cron Jobs, each guide is suited for users with different levels of skills: Newbie, Rookie or PRO.

“Once you know the basics of how to setup Cron Jobs for Mautic, the next step is to learn about the different Mautic cron jobs you can run, which ones you’ll be needing and what each cron job can do for you.”

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